Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 point being A Leader

1. The courage to stay strong.

This means a President needs to be able to withstand adversity. Lincoln is a terrific example, as he dealt with poverty and polio and was able to lead this country at a tremendously difficult time in history.

2. Self-confidence

Lincoln surrounded himself with people of differing perspectives who would disagree with him and say so. Self confidence doesn’t require yes men and women as advisors.

3. An ability to learn from errors

The first step is to acknowledge an error and the second is to effectively move forward. Both Lincoln and FDR were able to do this. When FDR’s program didn’t work as he had planned, he created a new one in its place, learning from the mistakes he’d made.

4. A willingness to change

FDR incurred the wrath of industrials during his New Deal, but when war came, he made peace with them, knowing their commitment was necessary for a victory.

5. Emotional intelligence

Both Lincoln and FDR shared credit for successes, and FDR had a gift of making others feel confident they could do their best.

6. Self control

Leaders can manage their emotions and remain objective and productive in times of calamity. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, FDR remained calm, absorbing the news while deciding what to do. Lincoln had the habit of writing a ‘hot letter’ when he was angry, putting it aside, and never sending it.

7. A popular touch

The best Presidents appear to have an intuitive sense of what the public wants or needs to hear. FDR held his ‘fireside chats’ but only when he felt the timing was right.

8. A moral compass

Lincoln was warned that if he didn’t renounce emancipation, he would have no chance of re-election. He said, “I should be damned in time and in eternity” if he chose to turn his back on the slaves to whom he had pledged freedom. He turned his party’s leaders away and the rest is history.

9. A capacity to relax

Both FDR and Lincoln knew the importance of laughter. Lincoln had a good sense of humor and told long tales, and FDR had an evening cocktail hour at the White House with two rules: Politics and war could not be discussed.

10. A gift for inspiring others

FDR’s first inaugural address was at the height of the Depression, yet his deep confidence in his country gave new hope to millions of people. His communication skills were remarkable, as were Lincoln’s. They both shared a love and knowledge of poetry and drama, and used that knowledge effectively. They knew how to educate the public while inspiring them.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tired but happy!!!

I had been busy recently, but i'm happy about this. This job had make me feel more good and i know that i what i work is worth. Gambate...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Miss You So Much

Is that a really long long time we din see each other. Don't know why, my feeling toward you still deep inside my heart. Each time i just hope that i keep busy, so that i wouldn't have time to think about you, but when i keep busy the feeling just like more complicated. Everytime i sms you, is that i hope to release my feeling, so that i wouldn't feel so upset. But overall i'm ok, no need worry about me. I hope that i can care about you and help you release your pressure and tension. Gambate to you and me.